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Ashlie Eborn Art 107 Kris Hargis Reading Images: Seeing and Writing-Part II 10/16/13 Haunts By Fay Jones Acrylic on Paper The Art Mom Collection Acquired 1995 Haunts (Boise State University, Student Union Building, 1995), is a large triptych acrylic painting composed by the naturalistic artist, Fay Jones. Walking up the stairway in the main entrance on the university’s SUB, the painting sits majestically at the landing as the second staircase splits on either side catching your full attention. Each piece in Jones’ work creates a different scene. The only common ground they seem to have is the elephant in the top, middle, and bottom of the left side of each piece. The first has a dark green background with an outline of a vibrant blue elephant sprouting water from its trunk. The water is pouring water onto a man ‘s face that is wearing a hat, plain face, black shirt and tie and same color light brown pants as his…show more content…
He takes up most of the painting. He has short hair; a dark jacket and pants that begin green on the left pant and fade into red. The other pant leg has a dark pink or red hue. There is a brightly lit sun that is partially blocked by clouds on either side with a blue sky behind it. The back ground underneath the sun is a hazy pink with the depiction of a man’s outlined face horizontal to the man’s back. His eyes are a bright blue with no nose, a white oval mouth with knives or scalpels placed on his mouth and behind his head. What is interesting is the top portion of his head also looks like the profile of another man, eye included. The elephant is white at the bottom left. It has forward-looking eyes and the trunk wraps around the man’s leg asking to him not leave. Jones has remembered this man from several years previous, which may be a missed chance that she is holding

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