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Sabina Kotarba Kim Cornman ART-110 003 April 14, 2012 Laura Molina Armor Alien “Amor Alien” by Californian artist Laura Molina can be found at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. Molina is a self- published comic book artist; she has worked in scenic design, animatronics and has been a professional billboard painter. Amor Alien is one of the “Naked Dave” series of paintings inspired by her relationship with illustrator and Rocketeer creator, Dave Stevens. The concept of each painting was to reverse roles and have the male figure predominantly clothe less. She started the series in 1993 and completed this piece in 2004. The artist used oil, florescent enamel and powder on canvas. The painting measurers 49”x37” and hangs in a prime location within the museum gallery. Looking at this painting we see a bright green alien in the arms of a scantily clad 1940’s style astronaut. The astronaut is a toned, well-proportioned young man. He is naked apart from shoes, gloves and his life preserving oxygen unit. His dark hair is thick, shiny and well groomed. He holds the woman in his arm, resting her gently between his chest and thigh. His eyes are fixed intently upon her. The alien female is wearing…show more content…
The use of cold blue at the planets edge further emphasizes the separation between the two components. While the background color of the sky is mainly black, clever use of irregular gesture lines, soft pastel coloring and natural patterning help to form a sense of movement within the galaxy. This combination helps to promote endless visual depth. Although this is an example of static art, by good use of techniques, coloring and shading Molina has managed to produce the illusion of time, motion and space. From the human, alien and insect element, as well as the surrounding

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