Water Cycle Story

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Water Cycle story One day a water droplet named David was swimming lazily in the ocean. As the sun rose, he began to feel warm and noticed he was floating up toward the sky. His water droplet friend Ralph looked at him and said, “Yeah! We are evaporating!” They rose high up into the sky. “What a great view,” he thought. He looked around, Him and ralph weren’t the only water droplets that were evaporating. He wondered where all the other droplets came from considering they didn’t look familiar. “ Hey Ralph, do you know any of these guys?” said David nodding at all the other water droplets around them “Nah” said Ralph “ Hey you, yeah you fatso where’d you come from” Ralph said to a large water droplet on his left. “ Ralph you can’t talk to people like that” David whispered through clenched water droplet teeth. The Fat water droplet responded, “ I don’t mind, your friend just wants to know where i’m from. I came from inside a lovely flower’s leaf, but the sun pulled me out through little holes in it also known as transpiration and well here I am.” Responded the water droplet. The fat water droplet then turned to Ralph and said in an annoyed tone “ And for your information i’m not fat, i’m muscular, see all this water, its pure muscle.” Ralph and David looked at each other, ralph began to speak, “We’re water droplets, we don’t have muscle! How does…” David cut him off, “Let it go man, if he thought his sentence made sense he’s not gonna get your explanation.” Soon, he began to get cold. “Hey David,” he shouted, “Why is it getting so cold?” “We are condensing,” said David, “Soon we will form a cloud.” The cloud grew heavy as many other water droplets came together. They began to fall to the earth as precipitation. “Precipitation is water falling to the earth in the form of rain, snow, hail, or sleet,” David explained. It was Ralph’s turn
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