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The Haunted Mansion Haunted houses, who does not love haunted houses? As kids we read about them and tell stories to scare our friends. Who doesn't know of one growing up in their neighborhood? Most haunted houses have some base or story-line on how they became haunted . These stories can vary anywhere from having a person commit suicide or a development that was built over a cemetery. Many ghosts have "unfinished business that they have to attend to before they pass on to the "other side. Haunted houses are different during the day light and night time. In the daytime, a haunted house can look like an everyday residence; however, during the night the same house could send chills down your spine. These sometime abandoned houses can be very terrifying, and unwelcoming. A weathered black and gray color surrounds the entirety of the mansion. The moon shone bright white in the cloudless sky. It was the only source of luminous light that could be seen for miles. As I walked up to the gates, I pushed the heavy gates open. The touch of the iron bars were as cold as ice. I shivered as though ice had replaced my spine. One lonesome tree stood by the house. The windswept the tree and whispered to the air as it swayed in the wind. As I walked towards the eerie house, the odd sounds of dead crunching leaves echoed behind me. I walked up to the porch, which was cluttered with still dead crunchy colorful leaves. The garden in front of the porch was full of tall weeds and the shrubs were badly overgrown. I suddenly see that while I've been observing the surroundings, the curtains from an upstairs window return to their original position, almost as if someone or something had been watching me the whole time. Moss and vines slithered up the face of the house like a thousand snakes. The roof is large and is falling at the seams. All the windows are full of sharp crack edges

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