Who Is Mccandless's Madness In Into The Wild

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Maniac Madness of McCandless Imagine: a virgin land untouched by civilization. Unfettered, unmolested, unmistakably beautiful. On the horizon, cumulus clouds roll over the top of the snow peaked mountains, while a crisp ocean breeze blows in off the ocean. Everything is painted white, as far as eye can see. Trees bend and buckle under the burden of Winter’s bounty. A snow hare runs underfoot, unafraid and unfamiliar with the strange creature that has perturbed his home. Birds chirp sparsely, at least those who remain. The aroma of the land is captivating, with the distinct smell of spring soon approaching and a scent of pine that lingers in the air. Each breath drawn brings a perceptible chill to the nostrils. Welcome to Denali national park. Welcome into the wild.…show more content…
McCandless, a recent college graduate, was born into a well-to-do East Coast family, and was expected to follow in the footsteps of his successful parents. Yet McCandless could not live down the secret that haunted his existence—the illegitimate child sired by his father that he was never told about. Resentful, and eager for adventure, McCandless renounced all of his world positions upon graduating college and set off to find himself on a trip across America to Alaska. Wanting to live his life under his own

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