how has internet influence on life Essay

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No one can deny that Internet has made activities easier, faster, and more convenient than before. The issue in this case is, however, how Internet has affected life as a whole. Overall, I believe they have made life more complex and stressful at work and school. First, at work place, Internet has accelerated the pace of modern living. Because Internet works so fast and never stop. For example, if your company has been in negotiation with company in India, probably you can’t do what you want to do any more. You have to be ready when your higher officer wants you to do something. As a result, we have to move faster just to keep up. Life thus has become hectic, and we have less time to rest. Second, at school, Internet can provide information on almost anything within seconds, so students watch, click, and save dater. They don’t consider and discuss carefully. Talking with another person in a face-to-face conversation conveys ideas far more effectively than a line of text on a monitor screen would, and meanwhile affords more effective interaction. In a classroom discussion, participants may convey much meaning by intonation, facial expressions, and other elements of communication that may be lost To sum up, Internet gives us saving time, convenient, and many information, but problem is sometimes we are chased by internet. Does life on the whole look significantly easier and happier in our Internet era than it was? Some tasks may be more convenient today with Internet to help, but life as whole seems to get ever more anxious as computers speed up its pace However, much of the information of the Internet is worthless. Sometimes it is hard to separate the worthless information from useful material. The Internet it self offers very little guidance on how to do this. The Internet only deliver information on a given topic. Internet can’t tell you which
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