Harsher Punishment for Sex Offenders

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The Need for Harsher Sentencing for Convicted Sex Offenders In our day and age, I honestly believe that convicted sex offenders are not being punished sufficly. First off, the sentencings on some of the crime classifications are atrocious not only to the victims, but also to victims that have yet to go through the situation with their children. Second, not all crimes that are committed are subject to register to the sex offender list. Lastly, not all crimes that are committed are subject to life time monitoring, which in my opinion should be mandatory for if not all, most sexual acted crimes committed. To begin with, some of the sentencing for sex offenses is out of control. I find it heart breaking that some victims, that choose to pursue legal action; having to go through the pain and agony of reliving their experience, in front of a judge and sometimes a jury is traumatic in its own sense. Then the offender only gets a few years sentence and can go for parole after a few short months of “good behavior”. For a person that rapes someone that is 15-17 years of age and at least 10 years older and not the spouse of said person the sentence minimum is 6 months; the maximum is 2 years. In what sense is 6 months fair to the victim regardless of there age this is too lenient. If the victim is under 15 years of age, the sentencing is 2-6 years; in my opinion 2 years is still too lenient in the case of rape for any age. Another thing, which really bothers me, is sexual assault of a child between the ages of 4-12 years. Shouldn’t a child get a little more justice than this? An innocent child is only free from the fear of that person for 4 years; in my opinion this unfair in so many ways. A child who has barely anyway to defend themselves and pursue legal action has to relive gruesome details in a court room to be free for four years? I believe that in any case of sexual

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