Harrah's Case Brief

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September 8th, 2011 Harrah’s Case Brief Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. is a company that specializes in the gaming industry. They put a strong focus on a business strategy that involves superior customer service, and they focus on promoting their brand name overall, so that customers seek out Harrah’s casinos wherever they play. In the past they have used strong customer relationship management techniques, but in the late 90s looked to increase profits by using information technology and integrating data from various sources to get a better idea of their patrons’ activities, and how they can increase usage of their casinos by their customers. The first Harrah business was a bingo parlor in that opened in 1937 in Reno, Nevada. Bill Harrah went into the full scale casino business with the purchase of The Mint Club in 1946. Harrah opened up several other casinos after that using Harrah’s as the brand name, which grew to be recognizable to customers as the “friendly casino”. Looking to grow faster than a bank or individual investors would allow, Harrah made his company public on the New York Stock Exchange. Harrah’s eventually expanded to Atlantic City, and throughout the Midwest. With Harrah’s expanding into multiple markets, management decided a brand approach would provide the greatest value for its shareholders. This approach was not often taken in the gaming industry, but Harrah’s wanted there to be commonalities in their properties no matter what region they were located. They also decided to begin reward programs, further capitalizing on their concentration on superior customer relationships. This was a different approach than their major competitors, who usually used flashy attractions to gain customers. Although this was usually effective, Harrah’s realized that they could take a more cost effective route. Rather than investing in properties, malls,

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