Har Diana Personal Ethics

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Personal Ethics
Diana Yu
Grand Canyon University

Personal Ethics
Humans conduct behavior due to a set standard of ideas and actions, also known as ethics. Society and family teaches people starting from childhood on what is considered as acceptable behavior and the difference between right from wrong. As one grows older, these teachings help one to develop one’s moral compass in which decisions are made. Due to the environment one grows up in, the family will instill spiritual and cultural values into a person. Through reflection upon one’s personal morals and values, the author will analyze the ways these values reflect on her nursing practice and philosophy.
Diana, who is the author, was raised by two Chinese immigrants from Taiwan. Due to the lack of extended the family in the United States, the family who were in the United States were even more important and close family friends were treated like family. Diana’s parents instilled in her a strong work ethic and respect.
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Through the use of these four, only then can a nurse be successful in providing care to one’s patient. Diana believes that humans need to be treated physically, spiritually, culturally, and holistically due to one’s complex nature. According to Martha Rodgers from the Science of Unitary Human Beings, “humans being are dynamic energy fields who are integral with the environment and who are continuously evolving (Creasia & Friberg, 2011, p. 101).” She views nursing and medicine as a fusion of art and science that is constantly evolving with human changes. Nursing is a profession in which one has an opportunity is share in strangers’ first to last breath of life. It is a form of art that is carefully played out, but the bases to which one is to provide the best care without judgment to patients and their family while maintaining and respecting their
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