Hamlet Movie Comparative.

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Due to the popularity of Hamlet, many versions of it have been made in film and theatre. The large amount of versions made means that each one is subject to the director’s interpretation of the text, and modifications are made to suit such interpretations. In comparing the three film versions that is shown, the third one, starring Kenneth Branaghh was probably most accurate. Kenneth Branagh’s version of Hamlet was very exact and followed the text very closely as in Shakespeare’s original version. This contrasts Mel Gibson’s version, which was heavily edited, with many parts of the text gone. The Mel Gibson version also added a lot of new or changed elements into the scene, such as when Hamlet drags Polonius’s dead body out of the room, he drags him by under the shoulder, whereas in the book, it was from the heels. This is not to say that the Kenneth Branagh version is without any inaccuracies. The dress of the characters in the Branagh version was grossly inaccurate to the time period that the Shakespeare Hamlet was in. In the Branagh version, the dress of the characters look like 19th century dress, whereas the Mel Gibson one had more accurate medieval looking costumes. The choice of dress in the Branagh version, although inaccurate, lends a lot of vibrant colors to the film - something one does not see usually in a tragedy. This use of color enhances the effect of character emotions as everything is bright, and facial emotions can be clearly seen. The portrayal of character in the Branagh version was also more accurate compared to the Mel Gibson version. In the Mel Gibson version, the theory of incest between Hamlet and Gertrude is shown explicitly with Gertrude kissing her son to silence him. The text however has no mention of Gertrude taking any interest romantically to Hamlet. Hamlet also acts rather inappropriately in front of her
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