Haiti: a Third World Country

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Haiti A Third World Country Strayer University SOC 300 Deborah Sarmiento Nicole Braun March 10, 2013 HAITI A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY 2 Haiti A Third World Country Haiti today is in a state of near-complete disorder, verging on chaos in some areas. The trauma of repeated, massive flooding in the northwest has only exacerbated Haiti’s already desperate political, economic, and security situation. Moreover, there is little reason for optimism in the near future. Haiti’s police force is in complete disarray; the only forces capable of bringing some degree of order are the understaffed UN peacekeeping force, currently operating at just over half its mandated strength, and the loose patchwork of illegal but armed gangs and militias that have taken control of various parts of the island. The latter have demonstrated disturbing patterns of open violence and a lack of respect for the rule of law. Should they become entrenched even in limited areas of the country; Haiti will likely find itself hosting an increasing number of international criminal enterprises as hemispheric cartels take advantage of the areas of opportunity. Violence, endemic disorder, and conflict have marked much of Haiti’s 200 year history. There have been 34 changes of government since Haiti won its independence from France in 1804; most of these changes have been violent. Haiti was founded following a long period of slave revolutions and civil wars that lasted from 1791-1804. Unlike the innumerable slave conspiracies and rebellions that went down in defeat, the slave rebels of Haiti effectively abolished slavery and kicked out successive waves of European colonial authorities. Built on the ashes of the colonial plantation system, independent Haiti was surrounded by hostile powers and HAITI A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY 3 beset by continuing cycles of civil war and
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