Compare And Contrast Haiti And North Korea

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The Contrast of Developing Nations; North Korea and Haiti Linda Baker Strayer University Professor Cameron Lippard SOC 300 September 9, 2012 Introduction In this comparison I will examine two different lesser developed countries. One will be the nation of Haiti. Haiti has experiences an incredible amount of devastation in the last few years because of the 2010 earthquake. This has raised many questions about foreign policy and how the world responds to such a poor country in their time of need. The second country I am using in this comparison is North Korea. North Korea has a communist government and is raising…show more content…
The 1987 Haitian constitution establishes a semi-presidential system of government that divides power among a president, who serves as chief of state; a prime minister, who serves as head of government; a bicameral legislature and regional assemblies. Haiti has always been plagued with corruption and questionable government behaviors. Accusations of human rights violations, illegal activities in the government and severe economic problems have peppered the history of the Haitian government. In 2008 the people of Haiti rioted against the government for the rise in the cost of living. In 2008-2009 the island was ravaged by hurricanes causing massive destruction to the natural resources and causing strain on the already untrusted government. In 2010 a massive earthquake hit the Haiti killing thousands. The elections that followed did not have a large turn out and the election went to Michel Martelly. According to Time World (2012) Dominican Senator Félix Bautista, who owns or controls construction companies that in the past year have received Haitian government contracts worth more than $200 million and paid Martelly a total of almost $2.6 million during Martelly's presidential campaign and after his landslide victory in Haiti's 2011…show more content…
The North Korean population is said to be in a state of poverty. While under Kim-Il Sung’s leadership North Korea began to collapse economically because of the illusion that its collectivized farms were efficiently meeting its food needs and that it’s state-controlled heavy industries were producing enough foreign-exchange monies to maintain their technological viability. Since the mid-1980s North Korea’s industrial economy has foundered badly, set by bad technologies, energy bottlenecks, declining foreign aid, and bad central management. Over time the welfare of the North Korean people began to suffer to the point that by 1996 the average height and weight of North Koreans had declined and over 1 million had starved to death. North Korea was once the supreme example in the postcolonial developing world of conscious withdrawal from the capitalist world

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