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Celicia Ortiz Professor Moore English 550 27 June 2013 Process of Hair Color The main reason people dye their hair is to cover their grey hair. They may also want to change their hair to a color that they like. Have you ever dyed your own hair at home? It’s a very difficult process because the right product can be hard to find. The process of a successful hair color includes picking and choosing the right color, having the workspace and materials and most importantly following the manufacturer’s instructions. The first thing is to choose the right color. When selecting a hair color make sure it looks good with skin tone. If hair is red, for example, reconsider changing hair to a platinum blond because it is very difficult color to change. Also, bleaching can extremely damage healthy hair. In addition, there is a possibility of getting results that are undesirable. Keep in mind that if hair was previously dyed the old color can affect the new color. The second step is to have a workplace and to have the right materials to perform the color. Make sure there are a well-lit room and a large area to work. The room must have a big mirror to see results. Your hair must be clean and combed so that there are no knots. Wear old clothes because there is a possibility that the hair dye can drop on the clothes. Hair dye can be very messy and can stain clothing as well as skin. Next, apply Vaseline to skin around the area where hair line meets. This will prevent color staining the skin. Now that is done prepare the dye solution. There are two separate color components; mix these components together to create the solution. These components are often a cream and a liquid chemical packaged separately. Manufacture, the hair is ready to be colored. Wear gloves to protect hands from the chemicals. There will be a bottle in the kit for the solution. Before putting hair

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