Partial Sew In Weave

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Sew in Weaves Topic: Sew In weaves Organization: Topical order Specific Purpose: At the end of my presentation, I want my audience to understand the process of sew in weaves and the reasons they are worn Central Idea: Partial sew in weaves has become more popular since the 1950s and an important role in the world of fashion and appearance today. Introduction/Thesis: I. A. Attention Getter: Imagine washing your hair with a new shampoo you decided to try for the very first time. As you are washing your hair you notice a different feeling but your eyes are closed so the soap doesn’t burn your eyes but you know something is just not right. After washing a second time you go to a mirror to see the results and discover your hair as fell out in patches all over your head. B. Relevance: Between hearing about sew in weaves due to the popularity status it carries with so many celebrities wearing them in today’s day in age, seeing family and friends wearing weaves all though if the job is done right you can’t really tell the person is wearing a weave due to the natural look you want to accomplish making you do a double take as you witnessed the individual the day before with short hair and the next they had hair flowing down there backs, and or seeing someone going through alopecia or some form of illness preventing their natural hair from growing, you have to wonder how the process is done. If you were ever faced with a situation of wanting a different style for reasons other than hair damage like myself and you don’t want to cut or put harsh chemicals on your natural hair or your hair is so badly damaged you need a weave but couldn’t afford to pay a stylist to do your hair could you actually do it yourself while successfully accomplishing the look of your desire? C. Credibility: Although I wasn’t always a fan of weaves due to me having a nice

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