More Than a Bed Bath

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More to a Bed Bath There are some things in life people just take for granted and just never think about. There are times in our lives when we say, “I do not need to know that information, I will never need it or use it.” Well, sometimes it is not a bad thing to learn something one might think they will never need to know. Everyone has have family and friends and unfortunately sometimes there are accidents and misfortune that does happen to them close to home. Occasionally, when an accident or misfortune occurs an individual is unable to care for themselves or possibly not able to take care of their own personal hygiene for a period of time. It is a useful skill to be able to give a proper bed bath. And if needed in life to be able to jump in and help with the correct knowledge and a great feeling knowing your helping out in ways no one else can. So, here are some steps showing how to give an injured or disabled person a proper bed bath. Hopefully this information will never have to be used, but believe me if the time does occur people will think back and be glad they were in English 105 C-4 class. First one must have to get all the things they will need before even starting the bed bath. Things needed are 2 basins, warm water, cotton blanket, 4 washcloths, 3 towels, soap, lotion and powder. Once all supplies have been gathered set them on a table or night stand, some thing or somewhere close by and easily reached. Close any open windows and or turn up the heat in the room to make it more comfortable for the person being bathing. Most people will probably want to pull closed any drapes or open curtains as well. This will provide addition privacy and comfort also. Fill two basins with warm water. Test the water temperature first. If unsure of the temperature just test the water with a bath
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