Had Hitlers Vision Of a German Youth Been Fulfille

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Had Hitlers vision of a German youth been fulfilled by 1939 By 1939 the nazi regime is in full control of Germany and the nazi ideology is permeating every facet of German life, especially the young. The Hitler youth was an organisation constructed by hitler with the aim of grooming the German youth to eventually create an ultimate and superior race. The hither youth was a powerful entity that was supported by virtually every German family and every German youth. It promised entrance to an exclusive club which would be there to carry a young person through to their adolescent years and it was significant in that it created the soldiers that would fight in the war According the source D girls had an opportunity to join hitler youth organisations because it allowed them an escape from their female drudgery. This was significant for them and made hitlers vision stronger for they were politically programmed to obey the furher and salute the furher. Where the young women were concerned hitlers vision was being fulfilled. The date here is significant because the modern historian emphasises how women were taught to obey thus realising hitlers vision. The authors audience is historians who accept that this is how it was for women and the nature of this piece is to inform others that women were in the hitler youth treated no differently than they would have been before. However it still feeds in to hitlers ideal of the naxi race. According to source C, over a period of 8 years there was a massive rise in membership for the hitler youth. It averaged around a hundred thousand in the Nazis fledgling period, this had shot up to over two million when the Nazis gained power and between 34-39 there were marginal rises which peaked at seven million members. This again shows that hitlers vision for the future was being realised because young people were avidly joining the nazi
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