Teenagers Are Getting Smarter Essay

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Teenagers are Getting Smarter This generations teenagers are smarter than ever before. They have access to more resources than any generation before, the current population of Earth is the highest its ever been, and there is many extra curricular activities for the students to take part in. All of these factors combined together make for the ideal educational childhood. The student will have everything they need to achieve their desired results, they will have plenty of competition to push themselves to the absolute limit of their abiltiy, and when they need to take a break and relax plenty of activities are available. The current population of Earth is around 7 billion. Just 20 years ago, it was around 5 billion. All of those extra people increase the competition for jobs and for entrance to universities, thus pushing all the students to excel more than they would with a smaller population. Many of the top universities require very high grades as well as an extracurricular activity. At the top schools thousands of the top students from around the world submit requests for entry, but only a few make it. Harvard, Stanford, Yale all have just a 7% acceptance rate. This entire effect goes all the way down the chain, making everybody's lives more competitive. The population of Earth is predicted by all studies to continue to grow, thus further increasing the competition. Aswell. with the current way jobs are all going mechanical, less jobs gonna be available in the first place. So we’ve got more people fighting for less jobs, which will ultimately push only the smartest and most proficient to success. The amount of available resources is overwhelming. Students have access to the internet, the greatest educational resource known to man, through their phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, almost every device. Students are easily able to remain constantly connected to the

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