Habit Is Stronger Than Reason Essay

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Life on earth are wired to act and think in certain ways, this is something we know as habit. Through the passing of knowledge and actions from generation to generation, a seed has been deeply seeded in the brain, a seed which has often defied reason on a regular basis. Mankind has shown this in it’s entire history of existence, we have seen examples of this through two areas of knowledge in particular: religion and history. In both these areas of knowledge, there has been instances of habit defying reason. The inability to scientifically prove religion and the repetition of history justifies the truth that history is stronger than reason. Introduction of area of knowledge: Religion: Although not considered an actual area of knowledge, religion is still considered an important aspect to consider in the ways of thinking. Acceptable to include in this essay, religion is something which has shaped habits and constantly a factor in outweighing reason. The prime example of this can be seen in constant argument of science vs religion, in a time where scientific findings have so much credibility and truth, religion is still a prominent factor in reasoning due to the fact that religious beliefs is a type of habit taken up by humans thousands of years ago. Point 1: ‘Religion cannot be scientifically proven’ Religion is an aspect of human life that has been existent since it’s very beginning. For thousands of years, a notion of a belief in a ‘God’ has over ruled the most reliable scientific findings, or in other words, Religion has defied reason. Hundreds of years of religion has embedded itself as a key component in man’s way of life. In the past, religion was the source of education, and was therefore classified as reason in those times. A continuation of this right up until the breakthrough of scientific findings ensured that religion had been deeply seeded in

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