Guy Paul Morin

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Guy Paul Morin Mr. Morin a 25 year old man worked as a sander and musician. On October 3, 1984 a 9 year old girl by the name of Christine Jessup, was abducted from a town named Queensville, Ontario and murdered. Christine Jessup was Mr. Morin’s neighbour. Morin provided police with a solid alibi, even though Morin lacked a criminal record, police still presumed to believe the main suspect was Mr. Morin. Mr. Morin was charged with the crime of first degree murder on the date of April 22, 1985. On February 7th, 1986 Mr. Morin was acquitted. On June 5th, 1987 a new trial was order by the Court of Appeal for Ontario, and was affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada on November 17th, 1988. Upon the new trial Mr. Morin was convicted and found guilty of the murder of Christine Jessup on July 30th, 1992. After severing almost 10 years in jail on the day of January 23, 1995 Guy Paul Morin was exonerated as a finding done by a new DNA testing which was not previously available before. Shortly after Guy Paul Morin was released on the date of January 23, 1995 the then Deputy Attorney General at the time, speaking on behalf the Attorney General, said this in part: “”The minister is deeply committed to maintaining the public's faith in the system, and to ensuring that the ministry takes whatever steps are necessary that such a situation does not reoccur. To accomplish this, Ms. Boyd has decided a public airing into the justice system's handling of Mr. Morin's case is required. “” Those feelings echoed when the Attorney General announced an appointment of a commission that was to be done. The Attorney General said this, in part; “”An inquiry cannot wipe away the years of pain and turmoil Mr. Paul Morin suffered, but it can examine the complex circumstances surrounding the case, and allow us to learn from it and prevent any future miscarriage of

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