Guns Germs And Steel

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The book Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond had many themes but in my opinion the three main themes of the book were geographic luck, development of technology, and conquest. These themes were reiterated throughout the book when Diamond kept bringing up multiple examples from history to try and prove that it’s not based on the intelligence, or race of people, who succeeds, it’s based on Diamond’s main theme geographic luck. Geographic Luck Jared Diamond talked about how geographic luck played an important role in world history, and a few of the things he talked about were having an east to west axis compared to having a north to south axis, trade, farming, the domestication of animals, why protein was important, and how the environment shapes the way we live. Depending on the location of a society they may or may not be restricted to trade. If you look at Chinese societies they were able to trade and communicate with other societies through the silk roads. But then if you look at the people that were living on Papua New Guinea they were isolated on an island and were unable to trade with other people. Trade may not appear important but, through trade societies were able to make advances in technology, and had the ability to spread crops and ideas. Isolation from other societies was not the only thing that hurt certain civilizations. If you look at how Eurasia is situated on the globe compared to the Americas and Africa, you may notice that Eurasia runs from East to West, and Africa and the Americas run from North to South. This illustrates the importance of location and how it affects trade and the movement of people. When on a landmass that runs on an east to west axis you can travel back and forth without encountering a large change in climate, because you are on the same latitude line. But if you are on landmass that runs from North to south

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