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Chapelle McEntire ENG 101 Prof. Day December 2, 2013 Arizona needs stringent gun control regulations. As it stands right now in the State of Arizona there is “NO” requirement of the following; state permit “required to purchase, registration of firearms, owner license requirement” (NRA-ILA), and with the lift of the 1994 federal regulation ban pertaining to “Assault weapons”, Arizona has no prohibition or restrictions, magazine capacity restriction, whether it is for long guns or hand guns. Pertaining to the Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permits issued; according to Senate Bill 1108, ARS 13-3102, “a person over age 21 may legally carry a concealed firearm or deadly weapon without a permit within the state, except for certain prohibited locations,…show more content…
It will not magically go away, no matter if we keep or do away with legal gun ownership. The problem I see with the gun community and the anti-gun community is each has its own perception of people’s actions. When we see a horrific gun crime unfold before our eyes everyone is left with feelings of remorse, shock and anger, leading the anti-gun community to see all criminals with the scary AR-15 and feeling the need to ban all guns; the gun community on the other hand, fights to preserve their inherent need to maintain the ability to protect themselves with in the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. We have a disconnection that is facilitating feelings of anger and frustration pertaining to both sides of the gun debate precipitated by the gun laws in the State of Arizona. We face a problem of full accountability, many owners purchase weapons without thought of receiving training for or how to secure the weapon. It is proven that “cultural orientations condition individuals’ beliefs about risk through culturally partisan forms of trust” and that “The people they trust, naturally enough, tend to be the ones who share their worldviews” (Braman and Kahan 576). Gun owners and gun controllers continually profess to the need/no need of the weapons with the many excuses but when paired down to the most basic reasoning it is “that insufficient gun control will expose to many innocent persons to deliberate of accidental shootings; and that the excessive gun control will render too many law-abiding citizens vulnerable to the violent predations” (Braman and Kahan 577). The opposition to legalized gun owner ship responds to the claims of need with their own reasoning to remove all weapons with the exceptions of government officials by reiterating with the statement that “the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is targeted towards

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