Arguments Against Gun Rights

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Ryan Small, Aaron Binke A.P. US Government Mott December 5, 2008 Gun Rights INTRODUCTION Gun ownership has been a topic of discussion since the drafting of the Constitution. In that time period when the Constitution was drafted, the possession of guns was largely based on the threat of a tyrannical government. As of present, possession of firearms is a topic of controversy due to violent crime and the issue of personal property. Proponents of gun control favor legislation regulating and or banning firearms, whereas proponents of gun rights favor a more strict reading of the constitution, guaranteeing the right of a person to a firearm. The Second, Fifth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments all hold validity in the gun…show more content…
This bill prohibited 19 different types of firearms from being sold or imported inside the U.S. It also limited certain types of ammunition that could be sold in America. John McCain believes that trying to outlaw certain kinds of ammunition undermines the Second Amendment. However, when McCain ran for president in 2000, he was featured in radio and television ads that supported regulation on gun shows and registered gun buyers. John McCain began pushing for all merchants at gun shows to have to run instant background checks for potential buyers. Before this push private firearm dealers were exempt from running background checks for potential customers, while licensed firearm dealers had to. He urged the GOP to close these loopholes during gun shows. Even though McCain supports background checks, he opposed the Brady Bill which created a waiting period for a potential gun buyer with no criminal history. He also voted “Yes” to the bill that prohibited civil suits against big gun manufactures. He wanted to protect big corporations. McCain also voted “Yes” to maintain the status quo when it comes to trigger lock. He voted to maintain the current law to allow guns to be manufactured and sold without trigger locks. But he introduced the “Youth Violence Protection Act.” This act punishes gun dealers who assist youth in the purchase of firearms, prohibits youth who have committed criminal acts with a firearm from purchasing a gun in the future, and punish juveniles who illegally carry a firearm onto school grounds. McCain co-sponsored two bills regarding this issue. The first was to allow firearms to possess firearms in national parks. The second was to ban gun registration and trigger-lock laws in Washington D.C. Finally he voted in favor of an amendment sponsored by Senator David Vitter, which prohibited the government from confiscating firearms in a time of
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