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King advises Sung to spend the brand’s sales to other regions, instead of regional population, like Ontario. According to the case, the Guard’s promotion funds have been misallocated before, and the fact that Sung received 12 percent of Guard’s sales accounted from 36 percent spent in Ontario, leads to the decision that he should not spend it all in Ontario again. King also suggested that Sung could find businesses with good sales located in Quebec and the Prairies; even though, it would not work in both countries. According to the numbers, Quebec’s consumers concentrate on buying soap, from local brands, different from Prairies’ consumers that buy deodorant bars of soap. I think that Sung should advertise its brand in a different, efficient, and effective way in Ontario and create a new strategy for the Prairies markets. Sung needs to invest some of his time studying the reason of why people in Ontario are not buying his product by doing the marketing research process. The case clearly states that as soon as someone tries their product, brand recognition is created, just because 70 percent of them repurchased the product. Bran non-recognition could be one of the reasons of why Guard does not have a lot of sales, compared to the other deodorant soaps. The promotion money should be allocated in all other regions, such as the Maritimes, Prairies, Alberta, and British Columbia. However, in Ontario, other than studying the reason of why Sung’s product has not been sold, they need to make an investment-spending market tests because the more a product is tested, the more likely a company would know if it is worthy to invest higher spending or not. That way, they will have an estimate of the investment payout before spending extra

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