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Dillon Dillon Pg. # 1 Pg. # 1 Johnathan Dillon Johnathan Dillon Mr. Miculan Mr. Miculan ENG4U1-04 ENG4U1-04 The Closing of the (North) American Mind By Robert Neilson The Closing of the (North) American Mind By Robert Neilson Con Argumentative Essay Con Argumentative Essay “A milder form of this erosion is happening in Canada, where the British heritage used to be central to the teaching of literature and history”. This is the opening sentence of Robert Nelson’s only paragraph relating to the title of his essay which is based on the book by Allan Bloom called The Opening of the American Mind. The book is about Allan Blooms views on American university education and how the students do not receive the “knowledge and wisdom” that they should have. Neilson uses the book to open a discussion about how the Canadian Universities are following the same path. It’s unfortunate that the essay is poorly done due to the facts that the eighteenth paragraph is the only one about Canadian education and that the majority of HIS essay is Blooms thoughts and opinions. With the title being The Closing of the (North) American Mind it leads you to believe that the essay is written about Canadian minds with Robert Neilson Discussing opinions of his own. Sadly, it fails to do so, mostly it is Allan Blooms views on the education process in American Universities/Colleges. If someone was to write a book called The Girl in the Pink Dress and it’s actually about a boy in a blue coveralls it wouldn’t be that good of a story. That’s how I feel about Nelson’s essay, almost like I have been tricked. Nelson’s only paragraph about Canadian education is way more than halfway through his essay. Neilson made a mistake by putting (North) in the title because that would suggest that the essays main topic is the North American education

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