Grocery Store Robbery Essay

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The Police Department arrested four men in connection to a robbery at a grocery store Friday morning. Two of the men arrested were employees of the grocery store and on duty the night of the robbery. The police also took into custody one female employee and are searching for a second female employee. Mike, a stocker employed with the grocery store constructed a plan to rob the pharmacy which is located inside the store. He decided to ask the grocery manager Tim to assist him in the robbery, in exchange for fifty percent of the narcotics (Solicitation=Mike). Tim agrees and the two plan to carry out the robbery early Friday morning (Conspiracy=Mike and Tim). Greg, a friend of Mike, arrives at the store, which is open twenty four hours, at 2:45 am with a pair of bolt cutters and three pairs of leather gloves (Criminal Attempt=Greg). At 3:00 am, Mike, Tim, and Greg cut the metal security gate and entered the pharmacy. They unlocked the cabinet and loaded up all of the controlled narcotics and exited the pharmacy at 3:04 am (Characters who committed the crime=Mike, Tim, Greg). The third shift cashier Tiffany, walked up on the robbery and served as a lookout instead of calling the police because she wanted a portion of the drugs (Accomplice=Tiffany). Once the guys had left the store, they went to Mike’s brother Joe’s apartment located beside the store to hide the stolen narcotics (Accessory after the fact=Joe). During the robbery, the silent alarm alerted the police who arrived at the scene at 3:08 am. When the police arrived, Tiffany became very nervous and when they questioned her, she told them exactly what had taken place. The police took her in to custody and began searching for the three other suspects (Principal in the second degree=Tiffany). The police apprehended Mike and Tim as they were re-entering the back of the store (Principal in the first

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