Grisham vs. Stone

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“Grisham vs. Stone” Who is right and who is wrong? In the article Unnatural Killers by John Grisham, a story about two teenagers Sarah Edmondson and Benjamin Darris committing two murders is brought to light. In the article Grisham takes a serious attack towards the movie Natural Born Killers linking it to be the cause of the murders committed by the two destructive, in love teens. Grisham states that the director of the horrific film, Oliver Stone, should be held accountable(Grisham1). Stone’s response to the accusations is quite cynical and in a sense humorous in the “Memo to John Grisham: What’s Next- ‘A Movie Made Me Do It.’?” Stone argues that no work of art should be the blame of a grown persons actions, and that only the one who commits the crime shall be held accountable(Stone1). I agree with Oliver Stone 100%, for his article has statistics based on his argument and is short, sweet, straight to the point, and speaks directly to the reader. People want answers when something tragic of this degree happens so they look for someone or something to blame, in this case, unfortunately Oliver Stone and his movie Natural Born Killers was the answer for John Grisham. Stone’s response to Grisham’s article has more valid points that are backed up by statistics, beliefs, or simply common sense. Grisham’s attempt to grab the reader in was not effective. He gave a lot of background history on the victims, murderers, and crimes that I personally did not see relevant with his attack. As soon as I started to read Stone’s argument I was locked in from beginning to end. “ Parents, schools, and peers shape Children from their earliest days, not films(Stone2). They must answer for their own actions once grown-not Hollywood,” says Stone. No one held Sarah or Bens hand and made them pull the trigger. Grisham states in his long outdrawn story like article that Ben’s
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