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Grendel A serial killer is someone who will kill multiple people one after another. Most serial killers have a mental disorder. Human abuse, and animal abuse can all lead up to becoming a serial killer. Serial killers look at the world differently than others. They see themselves planning deaths, to make themselves have power over everyone else. Many serial killers have a good job and look normal living their everyday life. In Grendel by John Gardner, Grendel has many characteristics as a serial killer and is often mistaken for a monster for all the many ways he has killed people to become the more powerful person. Elias Abuelazam was a serial killer in Michigan. He had attacked 18 men, and 5 were killed. He would lure the victims by saying his car had broken down and needed help or would ask for directions. He had stabbed a teenager in the back when they had been out for a late night run. After this incident has occured, 2 days later an old man had got stabbed while he was sitting on his porch at his apartment. The next day Abuelazam had asked a man to help him fix a car of his and killed him as he hit him in the head with a hammer. There was a death outside of the Toledo Church where he has been suspected of stabbing. (npr) Grendel can relate to a serial killer because of the numerous killings he has made throughtout the book. Like serial killers, Grendel kills people for fun or because they had rejected him. Grendel has had a sick mind over a period of 12 years. Over that period of 12 years Grendel had went into the mead hall with Hrothgar there, and was going to fight all of Hrothgars men because Grendel was getting jealous of all the power he had. After Grendel got done killing the men he would take them in the woods and start eatting body parts of which he had just killed. Grendel was a descendent of Cain, so therefor he was born into evil. For how many

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