Green Revolution Dbq

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The Green Revolution DBQ The Green Revolution brought upon many influences as well as disappointments to society from 1945 all the way to present day. Society, technology, agriculture, and the environment were just a few things affected. Some say it benefitted them tremendously, while others disagree saying that it destroyed their communities permanently. It had many causes and consequences such as an increasing rise in food supply (Docs 1, 2, 4), defined social statuses (Docs 3, 6, 7, 9), and an expansion in new technology (Docs 5, 8, 10). Before I begin it must be stated that I could use two additional documents to better answer the question. The first one would be an article reporting the conditions of third world countries before and after the revolution. This would benefit me because I would be able to see if the revolution actually helped the poorer countries, how it helped them (if it did) and the causes and effects of the revolution taking place. A second additional document that would be useful is a map showing the amount of soil degradation in each region from 1945 to present day. This map would be useful to answering the question because it would display the negative effects of the Green Revolution visually and let me accurately compare the different regions and see where the consequences were worse. Some people would agree that the Green Revolution expanded agricultural supply and immensely benefitted farmers and the society as a whole (Docs 1, 2, 4). The technological advances that came along with the revolution helped with the growth of food production as well as world population by allowing farmers to manufacture an abundance of food suitable for more people. Since 1950, the wheat yields of Mexico and India multiplied about 4 times as much as the Green Revolution progressed (Doc 1). Because the Food and Agriculture Organization were the ones who
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