Greece and Cultural Artifacts

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Greece cares a lot about its cultural artifacts and tries to preserve them at any cost. Greek museums contain various artifacts that were from centuries ago and provides people with information about our culture. When thinking about preserving cultural artifacts you should go ahead and look up to Greece. Greece preserves not only small cultural artifacts like paintings and sculptures they also preserve buildings and monuments. Preserving artifacts is great for Greeks economy because it attracts millions of tourists each year and makes thousands of jobs. Greece attracts so many tourists every year because of their techniques to conserve their ancient monuments and artifacts and the acropolis in Athens has even been described by UNESCO as “the greatest architectural and artistic complex bequeathed by Greek antiquity to the world”. Sculptures from ancient Greece is also something that is world-wide known and admired until today. Artists that study sculptures and ancient art will always search for Greece as a primary resource of arts and ancient history. The Greek economy may not be doing so well nowadays but even tough they lack money in various areas they never let their cultural artifacts in a bad state. Many Greek citizen consider “forgetting about their cultural artifacts to take better care about the major economical problem”. Greek sculptures are also really famous and most of them were made on stone, marble, and limestone since these were abundant materials at the time. Kleobis and Biton, were the names of 2 famous sculptures made kouroi of the arabic period and they can be seen in the Delphi Archeological museum. Even tough the artist of many famous sculptures, monuments and others artifacts are unknown their works will always be remembered and they also will also be remembered as experienced

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