Comparing Sparta And Athenian Democracy

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Athens and Sparta 1. The country of Greece was led by two city states Athens and Sparta. These two city states were represented as Oligarchy for Sparta and Democracy for Athens. The democratic government in Athens did not meet the needs of the Athenians but it was fairly advanced for its time. Athens was more worried about the comfort and culture during the time of the military battles. The oligarchy in Sparta put a war like attitude as it's first priority and it met the needs of Ancient Greece. Athens did not have the best form of government because it did not give the citizens of Greece more freedom. The Athenian democracy can not be called a true democracy because there was several flaws in the governement and how it worked. Only the…show more content…
The government in the city state of Sparta was controlled by an oligarchy and was held by a group of five men called ephors. Citizens didn't have the priority to say much in the decisions that were made by the government but at that time this was a better government. For a more disciplined military approach they had to give up comfort and culture, and this eventually turned them into deadly war machines. Due to this other nations and city states were frightened of them they would not attack them even though the Spartan army consisted of eight thousand men. However the Spartan men would start their training at the age of seven and they were thought to be tough and self sufficient. The life in Sparta wasn't simple but others envied them for their straight forwardness and fanatical dedication. The law in Sparta that prohibited all foreign trade and foreign travelling kept ideas from coming in and they had surprises when it came to attacks. Spartan women had the freedom of rights except they could not vote. They were not forced to do the things Athenian women did. They had a full authority over the household since men were in the
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