Greater Chesapeake Orthopedic Associates, LLC: Case Study

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Selecting and Managing Employees “Greater Chesapeake Orthopedic Associates, LLC (GCOA) is a 15 physician orthopedic practice located in Baltimore City and various counties in Maryland. The main offices are located at the Johnston Professional Building at the Union Memorial Hospital, with additional offices in Lutherville, Bel Air, Westminster, and Cambridge” (GCOA, 2004). Some services offered by GCOA physicians and surgeons include but is not limited to sports medicine, physical medicine, fracture and trauma care, total hip replacement and a wide range of other services. Treatments could be as simple as stretching and strengthening, medication, or surgery; all depending on the individual situation. Recruitment and Selection The available…show more content…
Also on an ongoing basis, classes and training modules would be available to employees to be sure they maintaining the level of customer service required by the position. Patient registrar is not a position that requires a degree or certificate, but there are other positions in the company that do. Employees interested in taking classes such as billing and coding, medical assistant, nursing assistant as well as healthcare degree programs, would be able to rely on the aid of the company’s tuition reimbursement opportunity as long as they meet the requirements. Other development courses such as medical terminology, CPR, computer skills, etc. will also be offered. Compensation and Benefits Compensation would be based on employee’s skills and abilities. The original salary would be based on an agreement set between GCOA and the temporary employment agency. After the 6 month trial period, upon hiring the employing as a permanent employee of GCOA, the salary would be based on base salary plus the employee’s proven abilities in the position, with the base salary being starting at $26,000. The position would be non-exempt (hourly) at about $12.50 per hour. Since this is a full time employment position, the employee would be offered the full benefits package. The benefits package would include: * health…show more content…
The department manger should ask questions only relevant to how the training is going and try to gather information in order to address areas that require improvement. This will not be considered an official employee evaluation, but will serve the purpose of figuring out if and how much further training is needed or desired. The next evaluation would be at the 3 month period. At this point the new recruit should be able to work on an individual level. However, the department manager will still need to meet with the new recruit as well as the original trainer to get an idea of where the employee is skill wise and how the employee is working with the dynamic of the company. This evaluation will be the employee’s first official evaluation. Though the employee is still just a temporary employee, this evaluation will come in handy when the 6 months is over and the employee is evaluated for hire. The 3 month evaluation would serve as a tool to evaluate the employee’s progression when the 6 month evaluation is completed. The 6 month evaluation would be the employee’s final evaluation as a temporary employee. This evaluation will determine if the employee is a good fit for the company, if the employee is competent enough for the position and if the employee fits the dynamic of the company, the other employees, the department, and the position

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