Great Gatsby Questions – Chapter 9

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1. Why did Nick take care of Gatsby’s funeral? I think Nick is genuinely a very respectful, decent man; the type of person that would always do ‘the right thing’. Therefore, when there is no one else to organise the funeral, Nick feels a sense of responsibility and therefore takes it upon himself to organise it. I also think Nick and Gatsby shared a genuine friendship, Nick not only liked but also respected Gatsby – he felt that, like himself, Gatsby was an honest man who had tried his best to be a good person. 2. How was Jay Gatz’s childhood schedule consistent with the adult Gatsby’s behaviour? The clear schedule that Gatsby wrote in his youth – which Gatsby’s father shows to Nick after his demise – is the place in which young Gatsby wrote everything he wanted to achieve - it includes such items as “Be better to parents” – and demonstrates his constant need to better himself, whilst also providing us with a glimpse into what he was like as a child – eager, hard working and determined. This somehow mirrors his personality later on in life, shown through his pursuit of Daisy; even after the years that has passed he refuses to give up on her. 3. Who attended Gatsby’s funeral? How and why is this significant? Gatsby’s funeral had very few attendees; these included his father, Nick, several servants, the West Egg postman and ‘owl eyes’, a man who attended lots of Gatsby’s parties. Other people who Gatsby actually knew and had a relationship with didn’t attend; neither his business partner, Wolfsheim – who couldn’t go because he didn’t want to be publicly linked to Gatsby – Tom and Daisy – who had by then left town to avoid being connected with the car crash or Gatby’s subsequent death – or many of the hundreds of people who used to show up to Gatsby’s parties – obviously only turned up for the entertainment and liquor, they had no interest in Gatsby himself –

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