Cultural Identity In The Castle

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The Castle Essay Australian Films are renowned for their quirky, representation of character, often using exaggeration to illustrate something important about the unique nature of Australian cultural identity. The 1997 film The castle, produced by Rob Sitch, is about Darryl Kerrigan, an Aussie battler fighting for his home as they have been told they must move out by the airport authorities. The film explores the chain of events the Kerrigan family has to face and how they overcome them. The movie employs the use of a range of techniques to construct the characters of Darryl, his sons and Lawrence Hamill, the barrister. Each of these characters is a prime representation of Australians. Darryl Kerrigan is presented as an Aussie battler…show more content…
They each show great respect for their father through their actions. Dale’s opening narration shows us how Dale sees his father. When talking about his father, Dale speaks very highly about him. Through this we can see that Dale really looks up to his father and sees him s a hero. This is shown though his opening lines when he refers to Darryl as” Dad is the backbone of the Kerrigan family”. Another quote he makes is “Dad also had a way of making everyone feel important”. We see Dale without doubt, loves his dad. Steve, the second oldest son, seeks his father’s approval constantly and is always trying to help his dad with reading the trading posts, hunting for good deals and trades. This shows somewhat of his appreciation of his father and being able to connect with his dad on some level, when he asks his father’s opinion about the price being charged. “Dad you haven’t let anyone down I dunno what the opposite of letting someone down is but you’ve done the opposite” is a quote by Steve to his father that shows his appreciation of his father and what he has done for them. Finally we have the oldest son Wayne who is in jail, however we are able to see the guilt Wayne has and the disappointment he feels at letting his dad down. “The only reason I loved that house is because it had him and Mum in it” This shows that the Kerrigan family is a tight knit family unit who all love each other. Through this we see that all three boys respect their parents and all look up to their father as someone they want to be like when they are older. This represents the significance of family and the bond between a father and son which Australians are able to relate to. Australians
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