Google Swot Analysis

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Google SWOT Analysis Wanda Hale Fundamentals of E Business-Bus 107 Professor Burnette August 16, 2011 Abstract A company profile of one of the leading Internet technology and advertising companies in the world is presented. An overview of Google is given, as well as a business analysis which includes their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and threats. Within the last two decades businesses have tried new strategies and techniques to bring their businesses into the top positions of success in the business world. Advertising, word of mouth, and surveys are among the techniques and strategies used. The most successful way for any organization to determine its’ position in the business world is to conduct a self analysis. They must analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, SWOT, to develop a successful strategy that will assist the with becoming the best in their business. Google is among the leaders in internet advertising and technology in the world. Google’s’ specialty is internet search engines and advertising. According to Data Monitor, (2010), “Google maintains a large index of web sites and other online content, which are freely available through its search engine”. Google’s’ revenue is generated primarily by delivering relevant, online advertising and operates mostly in the U. S. Although Google is a dominator in the internet search market, competition is tough Google has to compete in a field where there are no long term barriers for new entries into the business. However, Google’s strengths will allow them to maintain the leading edge in the search engine industry. Google’s has established itself as the number one search engine and is a brand name that is trusted by millions. It is considered to be reliable, fast, and dependable. Google’s name generates word of mouth publicity which eliminates the
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