Good Ethics Is Good Business

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Good ethics is good business. Do you agree or disagree? I disagree this viewpoint. I don’t think good ethics is good business, I can only agree good ethics make business more better. In my opinion ,These are completely different concept. Good ethics does not mean must be have good business,probably and easily to get bad result ,or no any change that business still depends on market requirement. Firstly, if we all agree this point. Good ethics is good business,then we get another point that Bad ethics is bad business. For example the problem of abortion. There are many peoples supporting many viewpoints in many countries. Some of them think abortion is unethical, some of them don’t think so. According to United Nations, in England,there are 25% of English think abortion is unethical,15% of French, 19% of Germany and 49% of American are also supporting it. Then the question is coming . When a pregnant woman have an abortion in hospital. That is sure the hospital and doctors all violate moral codes, no matter is public hospital or private hospital, or male doctor or female doctor. So, their business will be worse ?? People who need go to hospital will be reduce?? Some pregnant woman who need abortion also will reduce?? Certainly, no. Because this problem is depend on many sides, example different countries culture, population problem, male female ratio, premarital sex issue, even it rest with condom use issue. Finally, you found when people violate moral codes ,they are not ethical, they are not sure their business will get worse. After all, ethic is not low , no uniform standards ,it can not control the result. In another hand, some times unethical business is also good business ,such as Gamble . All of us known Gamble is unethical , however , it is the most important the economy pillar in Las Vegas. Chinese Macao is also gamble as main economy scours. So

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