Good Country People

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“Good Country People” The protagonist of this story is Hulga also known as Joy. Joy is a 30 year old woman who at the age of 10 was crippled. She lost a leg in a hunting accident. She is well educated with multiple degrees and an atheist. Her belief is in books and science. She has little respect for others. She has a high self belief because of her education. She also believes she is better than most people. She thinks she is high class and others can’t sustain an intelligent conversation let alone thought that don’t belong to someone else. She believes knowledge was power and as long as she was smarter than those around her she was superior to them. But she later learns that her superiority complex has caused her to be naïve and less worthy than she believed she was. The main character, Joy also known as Hulga has various interactions. She has interactions with Mrs. Freeman, who is the house keeper. There is also Mrs. Hopewell, who is Joy’s mother. Another interaction is with pointer, Joy’s first male to female love interest. Although she keeps her interactions with these characters to a minimal they each have played an integral part in her life. They each have an effect on how she views them. They each also show her opinions and beliefs are not working on her behalf. She learns that being better than someone does not prevent you from being duped by unsuspecting characters. Hulga didn’t like interacting with Mrs. Freeman. Mrs. Hopewell hired Mrs. Freeman to run her household. Hulga always believed that Mrs. Freeman was judgmental of her. The readers find out that Mrs. Freeman a family woman with a husband and two daughters. She was hired under the pretense that she was good country people. Although Mrs. Freeman spent most of her time working with Mrs. Hopewell, Hulga believed that she was being watched with a close unkind eye of Mrs. Freeman. Although she
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