God by Tupac

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Poetry is a type of writing that’s used to express someone’s feelings in a different type of way. Most people love poetry, and I’m pretty sure most people have a favorite poet/artist that writes poetry. But one special poet/artist that im truly fascinated by is a guy named Tupac Shakur he wrote a poem called G.O.D. In the poem Tupac express his true feelings about GOD and how GOD was there for him throughout his struggles when no one else was there. This poems does not specifically tell its readers in what specific time tupac wrote this poem. But from what I know from reading the text is he wrote it during a struggle, a hard time for most African Americans when growing up. Tupac specifically expresses his feelings towards god and how god was the one and only person that was by his side threw his hard struggles. There are a few parts on the poem that stood out. One part of the poem is when Tupac said “When I was alone and had nothing I asked 4 a friend 2 help me bear the pain no one came except…GOD” That part of the poem Is one of the strongest part most of poeple are alone and sad and need someone to talk to most of us close are eyes and talk or pray to god because we know god is always listening and is always there for us even if we think he isn’t he still is. This part also shows that even though tupac didn’t seem like a religious person he showed that when there is something going on and you have no one to talk to. Turn to god hes there for a reason. He created us so he will surely be here for us no matter what type of a mood that we are in he will always be here. A second part of the poem that was fascinating is when Tupac said “when all I saw was sadness and I needed answers no one heard me except…GOD”. Answers, God always has answers. His answers probably doesn’t come right away but his answer usually hits us when most of us least expects it. His answers

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