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Throughout history, many American poets are influenced by where they live, their family, jobs they have done, events in their lives, and many other significant points in their life. Poet Walt Whitman is no different. His life events, family, jobs, childhood, and education all play in the writings he produced. It can be traced through his many poems, few stories, and even a few of the articles he wrote in newspapers across the country. Walt Whitman had very unique characteristics. He was a very isolated person. Even during his childhood he stayed apart from his family and spent most of his time at a newspaper editorial, or at an office where he got his first job. Walt was not thrilled about his family’s ties to the country and farmland, which he notably scorned in his letters to Abraham Leech (Folsom and Price 2). Whitman made every attempt possible to stay away from his family’s farm and to not become a farmer, which his father strongly pushed for (Folsom and Price 2). After the fires in New York, he moved back home, but did not go near farming instead turning to teaching (Folsom and Price 2). Walt Whitman’s basic teaching methods were simple and somewhat new to the era. He knew basic reading and writing, but he was a very profound writer and did not discipline children the…show more content…
He was self built from the ground up. Whitman was self educated, independent, intelligent, and unique in many ways. Although most of his life he was alone, he left a mark on American by his writs of poetry which were influenced by Emerson himself. He struggled through life, desperately looking for an alternative to becoming a farm boy. This in turn, led to a failure in teaching, personal failure of his newspaper, and going through a fictional writing phase. All these events led up to finally find his place writing short simple bursts of beautiful meaning, a way of translating the way he saw the world onto paper in the form of

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