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Interdisciplinary Case Management Amy E Plott RN Western Governors University Healthcare Issues and Their Importance Mr. Trosack has several healthcare issues that must be reviewed and addressed prior to discharge from the hospital. The case manager, and chosen interdisciplinary team, should evaluate and prioritize the issues found when providing a discharge plan of care. Mr. Trosack’s most pressing health issue is his recent hip fracture and subsequent total hip replacement (THR). Mr. Trosack is accustomed to being self-sufficient and will now have difficulty with mobility. This will affect his activities of daily living (ADL’s) therefore making it more difficult for him to care for himself without some type of assistance. The second most pressing health concern is his newly diagnosed non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). While he has been undiagnosed and living with this condition for probably some time, the disease can impact his life in a variety of ways if his blood sugar is not monitored carefully and controlled. He is already noted to be over-weight; so in addition to blood sugar checks, he must change his regular diet and also be compliant with his newly prescribed medications. Because Mr. Trosack is male and elderly he may be at higher risk of complications from NIDDM. (Ruigomez & Rodriguez 1998) The third health concern is his newly diagnosed hypertension. Hypertension is known as the silent killer and his blood pressures must be monitored and controlled. While he has probably been living with this condition as well, undiagnosed, he must now monitor his blood pressure to assess the efficacy of his new medication; and adapt his diet for this condition in addition to his NIDDM. Mr. Trosack also has some hearing loss and poor vision which can impact his ADL’s as he tries to recover and care for himself after surgery. All instruction
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