Chronic Pain Argumentative Essay

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Andrew Diaz Argumentative Paper 2.1 Introduction: Recently, a major dispute has arisen over the types treatments leading doctors and researchers are prescribing to their patients suffering to cope with the effects of chronic pain. The argument sparked when some non-medical researchers argued that doctors prescribing patients schedule two drugs are becoming addicted to the medication they are taking. The non-medical researchers are saying that there are non-addictive ways of getting rid of the pain associated with chronic pain by using different methods such as acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, and yoga therapies. It is my view that contrary to doctors prescribing schedule II medications does more harm than good to patients.…show more content…
Living with chronic pain means that a patient has been suffering from excruciating pain for a period of time greater than six months and is experiencing a significant amount of pain. According to Gail, "The amount of pain one is experiencing is rated on a numerical scale of one through ten. But, suffering is rated on a different scale. Patients describe chronic pain suffering in terms of anxiety, depression, physical, functional, and social limitations." (1244) Pain is very difficult to understand. The very nature of pain is different per each person not to mention the varying amount of tolerances each patient can handle before it is considered "chronic". For this reason it is easier for doctors to just prescribe medication to patients than rather understanding their situation and giving them choices of different medications and therapies in order to manage their pain. The medications often prescribed to patients are not only harmful but also highly addictive and often carry a high potential for abuse by the user. Which is why many of the medications prescribed to patients have been rated by the US Food and Drug Administration to be

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