Hodgkin's Lymphoma Case Study Answers

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Claire is 87 years old. She has been a resident in the local Residential Aged Care Facility for five years. Claire has been widowed twice, her first husband died when she was 42 years old, the second when she was 74 years old. She had 5 children, but only 2 live locally and visits regularly. Two others live interstate, and one died last year. Her eldest granddaughter, Margaret, visits the most frequently, and is nominated as next of kin. Claire had a CVA five years ago, which was the reason for her being admitted to the RACF. A few months ago, breast cancer was diagnosed and her right breast was removed. She recovered well from the surgery and had a course of radiotherapy. The cancer had returned and she now has widespread bony…show more content…
He has since been moved to a hospice for respite care. Daryl is a popular young man who receives many visitors. Q1. Describe the impact Daryl’s illness will have on his daily living activities. Hodgkin’s disease or Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymph tissue found in the lymph nodes, spleen, liver and bone marrow. Lymph nodes are found in the Lymphatic System which is part of the Immune System. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cells grow abnormally and spread around the body. As the disease progresses it compromises the body’s ability to fight infection. The earlier the disease is diagnosed; the more effective the treatment will be and in most cases can be cured. (Mayo Clinic Staff 2013) Fatigue is tiredness, exhaustion, feeling sick, worn-out, over stressed or over exerted. In a healthy person after sleep we recover from sleep deprivation, but in cases like Daryl, he does not recover from fatigue and is constantly sleeping. As the disease progresses, it will reduce Daryl’s physical ability to be active and his mobility to walk and take care of himself. Daryl’s personal hygiene, dressing and eating will become more difficult to cope with and he will require

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