How To Write An Informative Speech On Type 2 Diabetes

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Type II Diabetes Every day, people have struggles with health. Some diseases you can overcome, and some you cannot. I am going to talk abouttype II diabetes, how to treat it once you have it, and the ways it affects your body in your daily life. I am going to base this off of what I do know, and also, my experience with people I know who actually have it. Most people believe that diabetes is an extremely serious illness. It can become one, if you do not know the correct ways to treat it on a daily basis. Some people who are diabetic may have a more serious case than others if they have other health issues along with the one they already have with being diabetic. It can affect you much more that way and may make the case more severe. Most people who are diabetic have a more difficult time getting over a sickness than most people who are not diabetic. Some people are born with diabetes and some obtain it if they do not stick to being healthy, but it depends on which type you may or may not have.…show more content…
Some think that if you are diabetic, that you are born with it. That may be true if you have type I diabetes but if you have type II, which is not the case. Most of, or all of the people who obtain type II diabetes can get it from just not being healthy or eating fatty or sugary foods more than usual people do. Overall, it is just from living an unhealthy lifestyle, which most of the people do nowadays. More and more people are becoming diabetic by the day from just making poor food choices in their daily life. But if you can treat this type of diabetes correctly, eat healthy, and exercise daily, you may be able to overcome type

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