Globalization Of Sexuality

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Stephanie Cardamone Introduction to Global Anthropology Professor William Graves Research Paper December 5, 2011 Globalization of Sexuality Across the globe, sexuality is a very controversial subject. Cultural differences can be seen in the meanings and feelings attached to the experience associated with sexuality. Globalization creates a higher chance of being exposed to multiple influences and while being mixed with the interaction of other cultures, it challenges the views in traditional communities. Being transgender or a homosexual in any country around the world is a tough life, only because it’s a life that not many people are familiar with. What makes it tough is the criticism one would receive on a daily basis for the lifestyle they have chosen. Where you live in the world has a direct influence on your treatment and whether or not you are in the said “cultural norm”. Each view is different, resulting in different treatment. Depending on your position in the world, it can better your chances of living a happy, normal life based on whether or not the society you live in accepts you. Located in South Asia, the Hijra are a group of people who are considered outcasts in society. The people that make up the Hijra group feel as though they have been born into the wrong sex, or also those who have both male and female parts. Such people are looked down upon in society and their life is seen as “cursed. ” Another name for people in this group would be the “thirdgender” or transgender. Living the life of a Hijra is a constant struggle; majority of people in South Asia do not accept the Hijra lifestyle. Many of them are forcibly removed of their own homes because their families and neighbors do not accept them. Many Hijra live segregated from the rest of their communities in well defined, organized all-Hijra settlements because they

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