Globalisation: Impact on Gender Relations Essay

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Sociology 344 Tutorial 1 Essay: Globalization Introduction Globalization is a phenomenon that is experienced by all people all around the world.The influence of globalisation can be found in every facet of human life. Globalization can be defined as the widening, deepening and acceleration of global interconnections within all aspects of life. Due to the increasing globalization there has been a large transformation in world order.Globalization has also brought about variations in the world of work, for instance the call for labour market flexibility, which has reorganized the workplace. Each country can and has been affected by globalization in terms of their economic, political and cultural dimensions.The reasons for these impacts are due to the dissolving of national economic boundaries. The dimensions affected by globalization will be discussed further in this essay. The impacts of globalization vary between countries. Interacting with the global market is a complex process and needs to be managed and controlled by the national governments. There are opposing views to globalization whether or not it is a worthy or a ruthless phenomenon. On the one hand globalization can be seen as the process of integrating the third world (developing) countries into the global market to assist them in development and growth based on approaches used by the developed or more developed countries. However a more pessimistic view on globalization is that the integration of the ‘powerless’ third world countries into the market is just an approach by the first world countries to further develop themselves as they ignore the effects on marginalized groups, ethnic minorities and the experiences of women (Afshar&Barrientos, 1999:2). The global ‘vision’ is to have a borderless world where all countries are integrated into a unified global order. The desired outcome of this is
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