Assess the Ways in Which Cultural and Rights Claims Contribute to Change in International Order.

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Assess the ways in which cultural and rights claims contribute to change in international order. One of the defining features of modern society is the multiplicity of different and contested views. This is not meant to characterise modern society in a negative or positive way but rather to acknowledge the cultural debates and shared histories that surround the modern world. Even by looking at the very different theories that exist surrounding our debate on international order, we can clearly see that coherent and singular dialogue and understanding is rare. Take for example, realism. Realist IR scholars view the world as inherently anarchic. However, as Guzzini notes, “Many classical scholars, including realists, have insisted that “anarchy” and the balance of power are categories too void to capture important characteristics of international politics…that there is nothing of necessity and that therefore one needs to define the scope conditions when realist expectations apply.”[1] This essay seeks to analyse and describe how some of the fundamental cultural dialogues taking place in the world actively shape international policy, impacting not just on a trans-national level, but also on the everyday lives of global citizens. I will elaborate my answer by using the models of IR and will explain Walt uses the example of China to flesh out his argument: “Take, for example, the current debate on how to respond to China. From one perspective, China’s ascent is the latest example of the tendency for rising powers to alter the global balance of power in potentially dangerous ways, especially as their growing influence makes them more ambitious. From another perspective, the key to China's future conduct is whether its behaviour will be modified by its integration into world markets and by the (inevitable?) spread of democratic principles. From yet another

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