Western World View and the Post-Modern World View

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Western World View and the Post-Modern World View Author Name University Date Here are some important themes in the western world view. According to this world view, human beings dominate over all other creatures because they are unique and different. People are masters of their destiny. They can choose their goals and do whatever is necessary to attain them. Humans have a cultural heritage unlike the rest of the beings and social and cultural factors largely determine human affairs. History of humanity, according to them is one of progress and there is solution to every problem. (Dunlop, 2002). According to Post-Modernism, there is no absolute truth but truth is merely what we agree upon. In other words, truth is an illusion. Similarly ethics and morality are social constructs. In other words, faith becomes more important than science or logic. The central tenets of Postmodernism includes elevation of text and language as a fundamental phenomena of existence, questioning of reality as represented because of inherent flaws in language, and a general critique of western institutions and knowledge (Kuznar, 2008). It is evident that there is a fundamental tension between the two world views. However, it would be incorrect to reject one view completely in favor of the other. So, while recognizing the post modern view that truth is unknowable and that we cannot be absolutely certain of our knowledge, I would also like to acknowledge the importance of human dignity. I would also like to state that some of the ethical tenets like Kantian Categorical Imperatives have their basis in human dignity. In other words, we could discover the best in science and social science on the strength of western world view. In my opinion, the western world view is incomplete without support and helping hand from post modernism. For instance, the modern
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