Glg103- Lesson 9 Essay

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Lesson 9 Assignment The assignment for lesson 9 is LESN 9 ESSAY 5N. Below are your essay questions: 1. Discuss three effects that urbanization (including flood control efforts) has on flooding. Describe the various types of flooding and how these urbanization features may alter the flooding events and resulting erosion and deposition. Three effects that urbanization including flood control efforts has on flooding are water being forced into smaller channels that creates floods, the ground is also less porous and less permeable than rural land, which forces the water to run off instead of filtering into the ground, and natural buffers are destroyed that all lead to flooding. Urban flood controls that attempt to lessen floods are artificial levees, dams, and altering of a stream channel. Causes and the types of floods are regional floods-seasonal during rapid melting of snow or heavy rains. Another is flash floods that influences rainfall intensity and duration, surface conditions, and topography, ice jam floods that is stream rising that breaks up the ice and creates ice flows that can pile up and suddenly give away causing a flash flood. The last is dam failure floods, which is when a dam gives way. Artificial levees built by man cannot always withstand periods of extreme flooding and can cause flash floods when they give way. Man made dams can do the same thing when they give way and create large amounts of damage. Altering of a stream channel in order to control the speed of the flow of water can cause bank erosion and damage to bridges and surrounding areas. Land use and other human activities also influence the peak discharge of floods by modifying how rainfall and snowmelt are stored on and run off the land surface into streams. With less storage capacity for water in urban basins and more rapid runoff, urban streams rise more quickly during
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