Water Erosion Essay

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Water is a powerful source. It causes erosion or more specifically runoff. The source of a river may come from a mountain. When it rains on the mountains it may create a stream, then later into a river. It turns into a river because of all the water the mountains have and then creates a path. Rivers cause erosion. Runoff from rivers cause rocks to erode. Because of gravity, runoff, and the sediment it has, to move downhill. An example of this sheet erosion. Runoff is happening everywhere everyday. Erosion by runoff causes landforms to change everyday little by little. Sometimes it may, while its running downhill, make a waterfall. Waterfalls erode pretty fast. A river has a floodplain. A floodplain is the flat land along the river. Sometimes a river can flood, convening its floodplain. A river needs energy to do these things. Waterfalls and rapids are common where the river passes over harder rock. Many California rivers have waterfalls and rapids. Rapids are common on fast-flowing rivers like the Trinity and American rivers. The river flows through a deep, V-Shaped valley. As the river flows, it cuts the valley deeper. Many California rivers in the Sierra Nevada have steep, V-Shaped valley, except where glaciers have carved the valley walls. Example, includes the Merced and Tuolumne rivers. A rivers flow is the volume of water that moves past point on the river in a given time. Volume of flow is also called discharge. As more water flows through a river, its speed increases. A flooding river can carry huge amounts of sand, soil, and other many
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