Girl Interupted Essay

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For this assignment I watched Girl, Interrupted. Lisa is a main character and I diagnosed her as a sociopath which is also known as antisocial personality disorder. She had a lot of symptoms as a sociopath would. In the movie they are very clear. Her erratic behavior, manipulating, lack of remorse, and many more symptoms led me to this diagnosis. Lisa displayed many symptoms that would indicate she is a sociopath. She had a superficial charm to convince other girls in the ward that she was “friends” with them. She would greet other patients in a fake, condescending voice and have cruel nicknames for some. Lisa also showed poor behavioral control and impulsive behavior. Her rage makes most people in the ward scared of her, they don’t want to make her mad so they will act as a friend to her or do certain things for her such as light her cigarettes. Lisa has controlling relationships with other people, and will kick and scream at the nurses. She also was very manipulative and conning. For example, she told Daisy another patient that she would rat her out if she didn’t give up her valium pills. She also takes advantage of the fact that that other girls are scared of her, so she gets them to do whatever she wants, such as sneak out at night and follow her to the Dr.’s office. Lisa also conned Suzanne to escape the ward. Lisa also displayed a lack of remorse, shame or guilt. She made an anorexic feel bad for not eating, calling her names like cow or pig. Another example of feeling no remorse was Lisa calling a burn victim in the ward, Torch, a degrading nickname. Lisa had also cut down Daisy for cutting herself and had no remorse. Another characteristic Lisa showed was callousness/lack of empathy. By making Daisy feel horrible and guilty for letting her dad rape her, and exploiting her in front of Suzanne. The other symptoms Lisa showed were
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