Gillette vs. It's Competitors

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Gillette Products vs. Its Competitors For many years Gillette has been the number one brand for both men and women across the nation and other countries. Gillette has a variety of products for shaving such as shaving gel, cream and others products to treat or maintain acne for teens. Even though Gillette has a high number of competitions such as Remington, Schick, and BIC it still sells at the top for shaving. For many years I have been using BIC products because of a price issue with other products. The need of a particular brand for me was needed because of razor bumps and irritation to the shin. Even though the price of BIC was cheaper and from me using it for so long it worked for me just fine. Proctor and Gamble is a company that introduces Gillette products to consumers who want that smooth baby soft skin and want to try using a razor that will work either wet or dry. Switching from BIC to something new would be like taking an adventure walk to discover something different. After all the advertisements of Gillette products across the television my wife decided to make the purchase of a Gillette Fusion razor and shaving gel because of the effectiveness it would leave, the price of the product, and the how long it would last compared to the other products that have been used. Upon me getting deployed overseas to Afghanistan in February of 2007, my wife bought a Gillette Fusion razor blade. Along with the razor she bought the shaving gel as well. Being that I have always used BIC products she wanted a change because of the irritation to my skin and not having a clean shave. Compared to BIC the Gillette worked wonders with me. During that deployment and not knowing when the soldiers would be able to purchase products from the PX, the same blade had to be used for more 20 or more days upon going shopping. One blade lasted about 7 days with the BIC

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